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Last Fall we devoured the Karate Kid reboot "Cobra Kai". Next level, Netflix binge. Being the 80's kids we are, watching Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence be macho hotheads, make bad jokes while mentoring kids who literally kicked each other's asses, was awesome. They took the best of the "Old School" and turned in into the "New School". 

It was a no-brainer when I saw a Cobra Kai joke t-shirt for sale. Perfect Christmas gift for Nick. He's got a thing for t-shirts if ya hadn't noticed. This shirt was great. Simple style, bold graphic, inside joke, that only us die hard geeks would get, except for one thing ... 

Did this shirt suck for the environment? Are products that don't look sustainable -  e.g. stonewashed, colors like bird and ecru with bamboo packaging, automatically "bad"? 

Clothes are one of the major polluting industries in the world. While we're not experts, we're always learning more to make responsible choices. I like the color ecru and things that look like they came straight out of a forest. But not all the time or when I'm buying gifts. 

SnerkShirts are throwbacks to well, the 80's! Simple, bold, goofy, with graffiti-like grunge cartoon FEEK, who was born in 1982. We ain't fancy, but remember SNERKS = snark with heart. We want everything we make to have Old School style with New School impact.


While we already utilize eco-friendly printing processes and source our products from suppliers with sustainable practices, there are a lot more ways we can tune up our operations.

Here are our goals for this year:

Packaging - Our t-shirt bags are recyclable. Throw 'em in the bin and yell - One THUNDRED PERCENT! However, they're made of plastic and sometimes tricky guidelines can get them tossed into a landfill. Also, our mugs come in a recyclable cardboard box, WIN! However, there is a styrofoam insert that keeps the mug from breaking, FAIL!

GOAL - By July 2021, we're switching to 100% compostable t-shirts bags and mug boxes with paper (or better) inserts. 

People - What's the use of having the most earth lovin' products if the people who're making them aren't taken care of? Right now our shirts are made in the USA. But the materials used to assemble them are sourced from other countries. We're learning more from our partners to ensure that everyone making our products are treated fairly. 

GOAL - By July 2021, if we don't have enough transparency on our full supply chain, we're switching suppliers. FEEK will look good in ecru right?


It'd be great to know what you think! Does sustainability factor into your buying choices? What matters most to you when searching for gifts for yourself or others? What else can we add to our eco-friendly journey? 

Please leave us a comment below. Keeps us accountable and open to finding more ways to make your day FEEKin' great. 


🧡 Cathryn & Nick
SnerkShirts by FEEK 

P.S. Growing up Nick was trained in Tang Soo Do, which is the same form of Karate actor William Zabka practices who plays Johnny Lawrence on "Cobra Kai". 

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  • Sustainability is always a factor for us when we buy. We try to buy products that are sustainability sourced as close to home as possible.

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