How the FEEK did all this come about?

In 1982, a frustrated 13 year-old needed to shout EVERYTHING they were feeling.
To avoid hurting anyone’s feelings or being grounded, the kid created a big head on two legs to stand and do the shouting instead. A voice, a friend, a partner in crime, the ultimate mouthpiece. FEEK.
From puberty through adulthood FEEK was there. Suddenly, that adult kid got some very good advice: We all need a hand, or a head, to help get out the wild thoughts we feel every day. 
SnerkShirts by FEEK was created. You’re welcome.


Who is FEEK? 

FEEK is a big head on two feet. FEEK is the voice we use when we have something to say but don't know how to say it. FEEK has no gender.

FEEK is here.

What's a SNERK?  

A SNERK is what FEEK shouts.  It's snark with heart. 

Our dictionary definition is -
Noun: A shoutable word or phrase, motivated by any combination of emotions, that must be expressed in order to stay sane.

SNERKs set your crazy free.


What's that super special SHIRT FONT?

All SNERKs are written in a proprietary font called NickScratch. Inspired by graffiti and the need to write quickly.  

Born with FEEK in 1982, it became the SNERK signature font this year.